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Heirloom Radishes picked fresh from the garden.

Sow and Grow Radishes in the New Year

Around here it's still considered a new year, and it's the perfect time for growing zones 9 & 10 (SoCal friends, I'm talking to you) to sow some radish seeds into the soil.

Varieties of radish seeds

Growing your own also allows you to include varieties you won't see on the shelves at the grocery store (like these watermelon radish garnishes pictured below), and who doesn't love to add a spicy kick or color of pop to your plate?

Tacos with radish garnish

Radishes prefer well-draining sandy soil that also is full of nutrients. We sow our seeds directly into the topsoil, and I'll add some compost tea or worm castings to the surface once/a week for extra boosts of nutrition.

Compared to other cool season crops, radishes also have a quicker seed-to-harvest time, making them fun to grow for kids who will be checking their progress daily.

Harvesting radishes with children

So, if you're looking for something easy to grow during these months of transition to warmer temperatures, radishes are a fun, nutritious, delicious, and vibrant way to flex those green thumb muscles!

Learn more about what to plant during the cool seasons in the Rutabaga Education Curriculum books!

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