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Trowel, scoop, weeder, and rake displayed in flower pots.

about us

Welcome to rutabaga gardening!

It is our hope that with Rutabaga Gardening you are able to create memories with your family while learning about and growing your own gardens!

Kaitlin Mitchell, founder and CEO of Rutabaga Education and Rutabaga tools. She is posing in her garden with her education books and garden tools.

Meet Kaitlin

Founder of Rutabaga Tools, Kaitlin Mitchell, is a former elementary school educator with a master's degree in Cross-Cultural Education who San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyles magazine describes as "an edible gardening evangelist." She is passionate about providing accessible resources that allow more children and families to get outdoors and grow.

Adults and children planting flowers with Rutabaga Garden Tools.


Rutabaga Garden Tools were designed with intention from day one. Kaitlin noticed a need for family-friendly garden tools that were comfortable for both adults and kids to use. The patent-pending handle used today is the result of five years of intensive testing and research. What started as drawings, mockups, and many prototypes turned into the perfect family-friendly garden tool.

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When you partner with Rutabaga Garden Tools, you’re helping us promote a culture of environmental stewardship, education, and community engagement. With each tool sold, we move closer to a world where gardening brings people closer together and nurtures us holistically—mind, body, and soul.

Rutabaga Education garden curriculum book for first and second grade.


Rutabaga Education has been in development since 2015 and has worked with teachers and families to provide them with teaching standards and tools for all ages and abilities to be curious and successful in gardening, science, nature, and nutrition. Kaitlin is excited to now expand this project to Rutabaga Tools!

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As the recipients of the Classroom of the Future Foundation's 2022 Inspire Award, Rutabaga Education hopes to continue helping children and their families learn about garden-based science, nutrition, and nature while building self-esteem and community.

Rutabaga Education donates a portion of its proceeds to school and community garden programs.

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