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Kids’ 2-Pack Garden Tools

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Rutabaga Gardening is proud to offer eco-friendly, ergonomic, durable gardening tools for children. From turf to surf, our kids’ 2-pack garden tools include two essentials for learning and playing in both dirt and sand. With a trowel and hand rake, this simple set includes the tools that children most love to use, whether for scooping dirt or raking designs into sand.  

Here is more information on both of the tools in this set:

Trowel: Dig in with our smart pointed design that allows you to break into tough dirt, while the curved sides and ample depth allow for easy soil and seedling transport.

Hand Rake: The ultimate ergonomic and sturdy soil prepper that helps to remove surface debris, turn or till your soil, and ultimately get your space ready to grow.

Both tools feature handles coated with a durable and comfortable biodegradable rubber substitute. Furthermore, all Rutabaga Gardening tools are made in the USA with plastic recovered from our precious oceans.  

Ultimately, this kids’ 2-pack garden tools kit offers the very best basics for playing and learning in the dirt and sand.

Plastic pellets that were created from marine rope. Will be used to create Rutabaga Garden Tools.

About Legacy Plastic

Each Rutabaga Garden Tool is made from Legacy Plastic. This plastic is made from end-of-life materials from marine industrial companies. This helps to divert materials from our oceans and landfills. This is one step towards our mission for a greener planet.

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