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Peas Peas the Magical Fruits

Peas Peas the Magical Fruits

Peas, peas, the magical fruits. That's right. Pea pods are technically botanically considered fruits because they hold the next generation of the plant (aka the seeds).

Peas inside of a pea pod.

These crops are only sometimes easy peasy to grow in areas with four seasons. In warmer growing zones, like southern CA, now's the time to sow those plant peas; in cooler zones, now is the time to get your seeds and be a little patient to watch the weather and take advantage of the early spring window that allows you to sow and grow before summer temps set in. When you time it right, they can truly be a feast for the eyes and the palate.

Snap peas growing on a trellis.

Also, to distinguish between loved legumes. I've learned that generally, peas like it cool, and beans prefer longer days of sun and warm temperatures. Learn all about the Legume Family in our Third and Fourth Grade Winter Book. Click here to learn more about the Rutabaga Education curriculum!

Legume lesson by Rutabaga Education.
Photos of varieties of legumes.
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