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Holiday Gift Guide for Gardeners

Holiday Gift Guide for Gardeners

When I find something I love (a book, a new restaurant, a skincare product, a garden hack, whatever), I'll tell anyone who will listen! 

So, for this holiday season, I'm sharing my top eight (in no particular order) unique and favorite "think outside the pot" garden gifts to truly inspire your garden-loving friends at any age, whether they're new to digging in or they've been growing outdoors for years!

Garden apron made of waxed canvas by Artifact 

Garden Waist Apron in Waxed Canvas by ARTIFACT

I received this gift two years ago, and it has been my go-to garden apron. It has the perfect-sized pockets to keep my clippers and favorite trowel close by and shows hardly any wear and tear, even though I wear it almost daily in the garden. The apron is "made from water repellent waxed cotton with roomy rivet reinforced tool pockets." Your gardening friends will immediately notice the quality and, over time, appreciate this handmade product that stands the test of planting time. $74.00

We are the Gardeners Book by Magnolia

We are the Gardeners Picture Book by Magnolia

A beautifully illustrated family chronicle of growing a garden with mini lessons weaved throughout of resiliency, ingenuity, and celebrating gardening wins both big and small. The best part is that the family shares these experiences, creating core memories of time problem solving together. It is a fun read for gardeners of all ages looking for inspiration but also being reminded that nature is unpredictable and provides plenty of learning opportunities. $20.00

Rutabaga Garden Tools Four Pack

Rutabaga Garden Tools - Four Pack
The perfect gift for the grown-up or child with a budding green thumb. USA Made from BPA-Free recycled plastic, our bright-colored durable set of essentials includes a Scoop, Weed Remover, Hand Rake, and Trowel. Ergonomic handles are designed for little hands and coated with a biodegradable rubber substitute. If you've been looking to get your kids excited about gardening, these tools are your ticket to invite them to dig in!
 $80 and the Two-Pack is available for $45 (25% off with the code THANKFUL25 at Checkout thru midnight, 11/27)

 Pot planting mat in yellow to help eliminate mess while planting indoors.

Gardening Planting Pot Mat
When it's chilly outside, and those outdoor projects move in, this planting mat helps you contain the mess in style. This "plant potting mat is a must-have houseplant tool and plant accessory for those who also love to grow indoors." Made from vegan leather in two different sizes and in multiple beautiful colors. The California-made material is also 100% waterproof, easy to clean, rollable, and easy to store! Starting at $18.00

Leaves Roots and Fruits Book by Nicole Burke

Leaves Roots and Fruits by Nicole Burke

During the Pandemic, when we were first asked to stay home, one activity brought peace and a sense of "we've got this" to my entire family. That was gardening. During that time, I also discovered Nicole Burke and Gardenary and joined her Garden Coach Academy. Through simple explanations, Nicole lays out the basics you need to know to grow your own food with the simple step of just starting. This book teaches you to work with your resources and find the right growing solutions for you and your family. I highly recommend this as a cover-to-cover read or resource to have on hand. $19.99

Haws small watering cans in forest green and cream colors.

Haws Small Watering Cans

I first discovered this brand while shopping at an outdoor market a few hours from my house. I bought a small green vintage metal watering can that works aesthetically and functionally in our eclectic greenhouse. Recently, while shopping at my favorite plant nursery, I found that Haws still makes these sweet, small watering cans. (They have other adorable and smartly designed styles and sizes as well.) The perfect-for-all-ages watering cans have the same design as my vintage treasure but in plastic and five eye-catching (rather holiday-esque) colors. Can you picture how cute these would look with a bow and candy canes sticking out the top? Starting at $14.99

Hand Salve, Cuticle Cream, and Nail Brush Gift Set

Garden Gift Tin to Nourish Hard Working Hands

As someone who does not always like to wear gloves, my hands take a beating in the garden. I have looked for clean, effective, wonderfully smelling, and feeling solutions to keep my nails clean, cuticles intact, and my hands from cracking. This tin, created by a California-based Etsy seller, covers not only all those bases but also how cute it looks packaged together. Plus, that tin can always be repurposed to hold seeds, twine, garden markers, or any other small garden knick-knacks that could use a little organization. $29.95

Sunflower Growing Kit from Uncommon Goods

Self-Watering Sunflower Growing Kit from Uncommon Goods

Did you know that sunflowers are symbols of loyalty and adoration? (You would if you learned alongside the Rutabaga Education Curriculum.) I love this gift because it contains everything a beginning gardener needs to get started, and that bright, sunny pot will look cute in any outdoor spot or by a brightly lit window. Plus, I'm always a fan of an activity that creates memories of doing something new together, especially if that activity sparks an interest to continue to grow! $38.00

I hope you find this list helpful in finding holiday gifts that delight and inspire those who receive them.

Wishing health and happiness to all of you! I hope your holiday season is filled with moments that become cherished memories with those you love!

Keep growing, and I'll see you next year!


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