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Easy Fall Pumpkin Carving Crafts

Easy Fall Pumpkin Carving Crafts

When it comes to fall season crafting, you can do more with a pumpkin besides the good old jack-o-lantern!

Check out these easy and fun pumpkin crafts below to see what I mean.

Pumpkin Candle Holder: Use the serrated edge of the Pumpkin Scraper to hollow out a small pumpkin, removing all seeds and pulp. Then, insert an appropriately sized candle, or grab some wicks and candle-making wax at your local crafting store. This simple craft radiates a cozy autumn ambiance on your table or porch.

Pumpkin Animal Feeder: Carve and clean a pumpkin using the Pumpkin Scraper, then hang it from a tree branch with twine. Turn it into an animal feeder by filling it with birdseed, welcoming feathered and furry friends to your garden.

Pumpkin Ice Bucket: Transform your pumpkin into a unique ice bucket by cleaning it with the Pumpkin Scraper and filling it with ice. Perfect for keeping beverages cool and adding a touch of charm to your parties.

Easy peasy, yet so appealing to the eye this autumn season. Grab a gourd, keep it simple, and have crafty fun!

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