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Earth Day 2022 - Invest in our Planet

Earth Day 2022 - Invest in our Planet

Earth Day 2022 - “Invest in our Planet. What will you do?”

Our actions have a ripple effect, and I know that personally - I can do better.

This holiday, which began in 1970 and led to the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency, chooses a theme each year. This year’s focus is asking companies, governments, and citizens to INVEST time, mental and physical energy, sustainable resources, and finances to “restore nature and build a healthy planet for our children and our children’s children.”

So, my goal - continue to educate myself and do my part. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and a 100% carbon-neutral lifestyle doesn’t need to start tomorrow.

However, some goals for this year include (stating them here makes me feel a little more accountable):

* Eating more in season and locally grown fruits and vegetables (whenever possible). (I LOVE my Local Foods Wheel and - if you’ve never read it - Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver, is a MUST.)

* Planting more native - naturally drought tolerant - plants within our outdoor growing spaces. (Two favorite resource is Grow Now by Emily Murphy.)

* Keeping a healthy supply of reusable bags on hand so that a plastic grocery bag is not an option. (I love the bags from Baggu. If you’ve received a gift from me within the past year - there’s a good chance it included at least one of these bags.)

* Walking or riding my bike in place of driving when possible. Also - research getting (and using) an e-bike for errands and my new short commute. (In San Diego, check out Pedal Ahead San Diego to see if you’d qualify for an e-bike loaner and CalBike to support their e-bike rebate proposal.)

What are your goals to help combat climate change? Any fabulous hacks or resources to share that could help us all be better?

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