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Third and Fourth Grade Fall Book

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The Third and Fourth Grade Fall Lessons explore planting and harvesting what is seasonally appropriate, and children explore the history of growing food worldwide. Life Science is also a key theme in examining how all components work together to create a healthy garden ecosystem.
    Topics Covered Include:
    • Seasonal Planting and Planning (Warm versus Cool Seasons)
    • Cucumbers (Nutrition, History, and Preservation)
    • Earth as an Apple (Environmental Activity and Discussion, along with Apple Info.)
    • Pumpkins (Observation and Math Estimation and Multiplication)
    • Leaves Changing Color (Chlorophyll, Photosynthesis, and World History)
    • Worms (Anatomy, Decomposition, Composting)
    • Soil (Healthy Composition and Ph Levels)
    • Potatoes (History, How to Grow, Recipes)
    • Fall Scavenger Hunt (Measurement, Observation, Food Chains)
    • Fall Harvest (When and How)


    Sturdy spiral-bound format printed on 14pt extra thick semi-gloss card stock for durability outdoors (Covers are 16pt)

    Buy this single book of 10 seasonal lessons for $49 (or buy the COMPLETE 3-Book Third and Fourth grade series for Fall, Winter, and Spring for $119).

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